The recent times have become very competitive as well as progressing and has paved way for umpteen opportunities for women as well. The Indian women entrepreneurs have a very vital role as they are not only educated, talented, confident, ambitious and career oriented but even multi-tasking so can juggle in between the chores and create a harmony between the personal and professional life.

The women of the present times can commence, design as well as manage the small scale as well as medium scale ventures prudently. Even the women who do not have high professional qualifications or who do not enough money for investment are also seen engaging in their own business. There are many business ideas that one can resort to but we will be discussing five of them as under:

1. Freelance Recruiter

Recruitment is a field which does not require any sort of investment. So starting your own recruitment firm is a great idea as it only needs a proper phone connection and some embedded contacts. This job can be done at your convenience as you need to work 4-6 hours a day and help in recruitment. Once a recruitment is done at the final stage, the freelancer gets a percentage of the salary the employee gets. This is different for all firms but is very popular and can be done at the comfort of home.

2. Online Tutoring

Another very progressing and famous field is that of tutoring online. One needs to be conversant with good teaching skills and also work as per the students’ requirement. Since one needs to work online, the students seeking help could be from any part of the world and in case one works as an online tutor for any specific subjects, it is a must for the tutor to be awake at the time of the query asked.

3. Ghostwriting

These days many bloggers have been shown to be occupied with different parts of their business and do not have spare time to write for their own blogs. An online business has many sectors, writing being just a part of it. Thus, the marketing people are always on the lookout for people who have good writing skills but whose names are never featured. Thus, it is called ghostwriting and the writers need to supply the raw material or the quality content which become a copyright of the marketer. The aim of ghost writing could be article writing or even journals or e-books. So the sole aim is to write well, involves no marketing, social media promotions or SEO.

4. Virtual Assistant

In the busy times of today, there are umpteen tasks which need delegation as the marketers get busy with other parts of the business. Few of the tasks that a virtual assistant can manage are listed as under:
• Travel planning and procedures
• Social media promotions
• Email control and supervision
• Handling of blog posts
• Editing of audio/video clippings

5. SEO Consulting

Most of the website business comes from Google. Search engines have become significant, and SEO is gaining the impetus and a fetch after skill that can be possessed by anybody with the help of a 4-6 months training. After a few months or years, one can even open their own agency.

Therefore, we can say that women of today are more awakened and are excelling in almost all fields and it is the need of the hour to provide them safe and progressing facilities so that they can work hand in hand free from gender discrimination. One should not forget that “women are the greatest pool of talent which gets untapped worldwide, so let’s offer them new heights to explore”.