The recent times have seen the women evolving in all fields of life, where earlier they had to fight against all sorts of disparities, fewer wages and lack of good position at management levels. These days women are no less than men and stand equal to them and are seen competing in all walks of life. But ironically, they need to stand for their personal duties as well which can bind them to stay at home, few of the reasons could be pressure from the home-front, maternity issues, and others. Whatever be the reason, they need to take a sabbatical from their career and set other priorities.

Sometimes one takes a sabbatical for bringing up the children, for taking care of in-laws or parents, just for relaxation, traveling etc. If the sabbatical or the break exceeds a period more than six- months, the idea of returning to work is a deterring one.

Given below are 5 tips that help the women to get back to the work front from a career break and they are:

To be able to assess the kind of job one needs – After a break, it becomes important to take a decision if one wants to resume what they did earlier, or they wish to try something new. Also, the time that they wish to work, their expected salary. It is also important to assess the reason why you wish to come back, for financial backing or because you are ambitious.

2 Being updated with the job frontIt is important to be updated with respect to the job profile. When on a break, it is important to be updated with the latest technical updates, training, and styles. Look for the latest developments and find the people associated with it. The salary that one gets for the job profile you are looking at it. Join the conference or a professional network that helps to broaden the horizon.

3 Gain more proficiency to be adequate for the job position- Due to the inception of digitization, there is an ever-increasing demand for the ones who have the knowledge about latest skills, so one needs to keep learning online courses. Once a woman decides to make a comeback, it is imperative to get updated with all the digitized courses that can help them in getting an upper-hand in the field you are looking to work in.

4 Get your job-hunting skills ready- It is important to update the resume and other professional profiles. Try and fill the gap that you have taken due to employment by showing all the latest training and skills that you have acquired.

5 Update your LinkedIn profile – These days social media is playing an active role in both getting hired and looking for suitable candidates by HR. So it is important to be active on LinkedIn and keep your profile updated.

Thus, keeping these things in mind can help to boost the confidence of the women, and help in facing the biggest challenge as the break could become a fear for them to revive back. Yet, if the skills are updated and are in sync with what the job demands, there is no looking back and marks a great opening for you as well.

— Tarasha Chandra —