Shambhavi pursued her Hotel Management and MBA degree in Marketing and HR, but destiny had a different career plan for her. Interpreting tarot cards was her hobby and then her passion but later with the deep study and knowledge she chose to wear it as her profession. And today she id Mumbai’s Top Tarot Card Reader.

Here’s her story in her own words –

“When something is truly meant for you, you won’t have to force it, rush it or manipulate it.”

My journey started 20 years ago, when the world was waking up to a realization that tarot exists and can be looked as an serious career option. As my love for tarot grew and so did the fight to make my family and friends believe in me. I always knew that all difficult roads have a beautiful end. Am happy to have walked the path I choose. Of course, I stumbled many a times but it didn’t stop me.

Ever since, my journey has been very exciting and self inspiring as I touched more than a thousand lives. As the appreciation for my work spread, I was bestowed with awards like Women Achievers Award, Influencers Award, Grand Master in Tarot Prediction & Excellence in Tarot Prediction & Life Coach Sessions for my work . I have been featured in some top magazines, namely the ELLE, Femina & Cosmopolitian and Bombay Times, also featured my journey. I have also been written about in a coffee table book called the Beautiful Powai and been interviewed by a lot of online portals. In my efforts to reach and heal people’s lives, I was encouraged to become a motivational speaker at a lot of events and private gatherings. I recently spoke at Tedx Bandra and at Miss Malini’s event,The Girl Tribe and address a lot of women empowerment events.

Over the years I learned and now practise colour therapy, handwriting, signature and doodles analysis. I suggest and design Logos for companies. I conduct corporate workshops and am often called upon as a life coach to many.The amount of work I did, it was difficult for me to reach to the masses, hence a need for a website came along. I launched my tarot based website called Tarot For U. is my little way of meditating and bringing about peace with myself.

I simply hope to inspire, teach and heal all those who reach out to me. That is my happiness, my catharsis.