Meet Anjali Neema, a passionate baker from Indore but currently settled in Bangalore where she is making healthier baking products.

Q. You were earlier into making jewelry and crafts. Then how did you get into baking?

I have always been keen towards arts and crafts since childhood but never find much time to explore during that time . After marriage, I explored about various crafts as well as various cooking forms and got hooked with baking.

Once we went to Germany for a year where I had enough time to experiment about paper quilling as well as baking. When we shifted back to our new home back in Bangalore, I continued with both interests, made new friends and they liked my experiments and trials in both. Jewellery and home decore was time consuming and with a new born and 5 year old kids it was getting tough to continue with it where as baking was fast and tasty. When I put up my first stall in our apartment and in my kid’s school  that’s when I observed that people really liked taste of my bakes. With encouragement from family and friends  slowly I started with Scoopofyum.

Q. Tell us about your venture Scoop of Yum. How it is different from other bakers in the market?

Scoopofyum is made with lot of love , care and passion to serve healthy and fresh baked goodies. Being a completely self taught baker, initally Scoopofyum started as just healthy bakes which are made mostly with wheat flour or healthy alternate flours and sugars, fresh fruits but then slowly as client demands  keep coming to me I started self learning and experimenting  different forms of bakes and decorations. Now we serve all sorts of eggless bakes. We take utmost care of using clean and pure ingredients and make in hygenic conditions.

We make what we say and clients satisfaction is most important to us, that’s what make us different from others.

Q. You are also a mom. How do you balance your work with family?

Ans :Yes being a mom is wonderful thing to happen. With new era kids, their food choices, I always explored something new for them, so they are great links between me and my works. My family inspired me more for creating different flavours of food, whether its healthy or tasty.  I love to balance both of them very well. My husband and kids have a been a great support for me to work from start. They have encourage me for all my bakes. They have been my tasters and critics.  My Hubby helps me a lot to take care of kids and we balance our time together and that’s the beauty of our family.

Q. What are some of the tips or words of advice you’d give to beginner bakers to improve on their baking and become professional?

Ans :Well I am still a learner and I try to learn something each and every day. Now a days its so easy to learn from various blogs, you tube channels and what not. My tip would be before attempting any recipe just read about that recipe from various blogs. Reading makes your concept clear about what you going to make , how you should proceed , what alternate you can do, what to expect from final bake result etc. That reading helps to create a confidence in yourself and that brings out the best in you. Try try until u succeed is only thing I belive in . Have as many tasters as u can before you try to become a professional. So it will be easy for people to believe you as they already know how your bakes are. And yes word of mouth helps a lot.