Now that my only daughter is married a month back and I have recovered from the exhaustion. (Mind you it was not a small feat to organize a marriage in a foreign country as per Hindu wedding rituals.)Had help from our cousins and the guest list was small. All the arrangements were done by the bride’s side as the groom has no relatives in the area where the wedding was being organised. Anyway the arrangements were beyond their expectations and I was happy with it.

What next? was the question on my mind now that my only child had flown from the nest. I decided to broaden my horizons.

I am as normal as can be from an indian family with values like ‘your family comes first’. ¬†Yes I have been doing that all these years. But neglected my health in the meantime. No i don’t have any diseases thanks to God but weight is an issue I have to sort out.

It has been an issue with me for a long time. Since I was diagnosed with hormonal imbalance and was not able to conceive. But with the proper treatment was blessed with my beautiful girl, who was premature. She had some medical issues in her first year.

She had severe phalsiparum malaria when she was 20days old. Had to be given blood.Then lactose intolerance to the breast milk. Still after all those ups and downs we made it through.

Well the past is past and she is healthy and happily married now..

So now that all major responsibilities are over and I am working on myself. Yes I started on my workout regime which I post mostly on instagram.

During those treatments with physical and emotional disturbance. I have to keep a positive attitude.. As my belief is if you don’t look out for yourself nobody have to make yourself priority.

If you don’t love yourself. You won’t be able to love others as much. You always need a shoulder to cry on or a person to guide you or an ear to listen to you.. Being an elder child I lacked that when I was growing up ….You always have to behave responsibly and all that….

I will advice, – Find a shoulder to cry on. Find a friend to confide in or guide you. I know its not easy to find.

So if you need someone like that lets catch up. I am ready to listen.