What is detoxification?

Detoxification is a process of resting, cleansing and nourishing the body from the inside out. The process includes nourishing the body with nutrients, deep sleep or yoga nidra practice, pranayama n meditation.

why detoxification?

The body is polluted in many ways, toxic food that we consume, consuming food with excessive salt n sugar, inhalation of toxic air, polluted/impure water, chemicals n pesticides used in farming etc. Hence frequent detoxification is needed to eliminate toxins from the body.

which part of the body is highly toxic accumulated?

  1. Blood – the food that we eat n air we breath travel through the modem of blood through out the body, hence high level of toxins are seen in blood..
  2. Digestive system – the nutrients from the food we consume is observed by the  body n waste is eliminated. but , not all the waste is pushed out of the body. considerable collection of these toxins are seen in gut, intestines n liver n kidneys.
  3. lungs – all the toxic air and dust we breathe are collected in layers of lungs n they in return starts to pollute the blood.

what happens when you detoxify the body ?

By removing and eliminating toxins, then feeding your body with healthy nutrients help protect your body from disease and renew your ability to maintain optimum health. increases the immune system, improves the functioning ability of the body and helps us achieve calmness in our body n mind.

How to detox with ingredients easily available at home

1.first simple step towards detoxing is fasting –follow the simple formula of 1:1 i.e fast one meal a week n one day in a month. Resting your digestive system is the most common n simple method to detox. as the energy used to digest the food is spent on repairing n purifying your system.

2. Detoxing the body parts –

  • Lungs – practice kapalapathi pranayama for 3 min everyday. kindly refer to google for understanding the kapalapathi practice.
  • Stomach – consume atleast 8 glasses for water during the day, i.e from 6am to 6pm for maximum elimination of toxins.a)copper water – store 200 ml of water in pure copper container overnight n consume the water first thing in the morning. this helps in beginning your day with pushing maximum toxins out of you gut. b)jeera ajwain water – boil 500ml with 2 tsp of jeera n ajwain water. boil it till reduces to 200 ml n consume this water before going to bed. this helps in cleansing the system during the sleep.
  • Liver – mix 1 tsp of neem powder in 150ml of warm water n consume this on an empty stomach. have a gap of 30 min to consume anything after this .
  • Kidneys – banana stem helps in purifying your kidneys n also helps in removal of kidney stones. consume banana stem in the form of juice, stir fry or curry atleast twice a week.
  • Intestines – olden days castor oil was used to induce the process of diarrhea to cleanse the intestine. currently as a safe option we can use enema method or consult your general physician for a medication to induce the process of diarrhea to cleanse your intestines.
  • Uterus/ blood – the highly toxin effected part of our body is blood. green juice for uterus/blood. take a handful bunch of any green leafy vegetable, rise it in water thoroughly n bled it in a blender with adding 100 ml of water. extract a thick juice n consume it every morning on an empty stomach for 30 days. please do not add sugar or honey to this mixture.

Ultimate process of detoxification is to ensure that we change our lifestyle . we have to worry about detoxification because we pollute our body with harmful eating habits. try to aviod food which are processed, high in salt n sugar content, air ratted drinks, packed foods, foods cooked in unhygienic environments such as eat outs n restaurants  etc.

Body is the place we live, respect it, embrace it!.

Bio About the author:

Shalini is a holistic wellness coach. She holds a master’s degree in yoga n trained naturopathic consultant. She coaches on complete wellness through alternative medicine system.She conducts classes and workshops throughout Bangalore.