Hailing from IT background, having worked for HCL and other brands; I wanted professional freedom and independence in time. I had quit my 9-6 job and gave hands to small ventures of clothing/ handmade chocolates but like any business calls for a good amount of financial investment, I didn’t want additional burden of funds.

During the year 2016 – 2017, I was looking for an opportunity, where investment was not a concern and still I can manage being my own boss and work on my own terms. There, I came across an online post which stated “work from home”. I connected with the female and found out it was Oriflame. I had been a consumer off lately. But this time I took it as a business opportunity. I joined Oriflame in 2017 as a consumer and soon realized that Oriflame can provide professional opportunity to be my own boss.

I took 3 months to understand the system and started working seriously from November 2017 and did my first level of senior managership in 5 months and earned my first travel with Company which happened in Goa in May 2018. Then I became Director in next 5 months and earned my first cash award of Rs.50,000 + another travel with Company which happened in Hyderabad in May 2019. By then I was able to make living out of the business and empowering 400+ women along with me while all were making some or other amount of income and by our growing team pan India, we were able to change the perception of direct selling business and ladies started taking this opportunity seriously. Moreover they didn’t find it fake as we train them digitally through webinars, use the free platforms of Facebook, LinkedIn and Whatsapp for team building and communication.

Unlike a 9-6 job or any other business, with Oriflame not just money flows in but new titles, cash awards, sponsored travel, lots of gifts and recognitions. My aim is to empower more number of females who are young mothers, ex-corporates, who could not continue their high end paying jobs after marriage but still have a zeal to be responsible enough to support their family some or the other way and wish to be independent not only financially but developing themselves in all spheres of life.

Various reasons why I choose Oriflame as a brand –

1. Founding members of Indian Direct Selling Association

2. Offering the World Class products, while adhering to the toughest European standards

3. Strongest Success Plan across network marketing / direct selling companies.