The words “LOVE YOURSELF” have a very deep meaning, it means having a healthy regard for yourself knowing that you are a worthy human being.

How to love yourself:

Now, the point is that how do we get ourselves to love ourselves? First thing, loving yourself is in not selfish? It does not mean that you should only think about your benefits only, It means to think about who you are? 

To ask yourself, that who am I? What are my abilities?

How am I important to this world? And believe me, by thinking that, you’d find the answer one day, if not soon, but you would…one day.

A little practice and patience, you can learn to love yourself too.

Here are some Method to love your self which you can self practicing :

  • Avoid Perfectionist: Every human being is born unique. So  accept how you are and avoid self negative talk.When you see yourself in the mirror and say “I am awesome”.
  • Act on what you need rather than what you want. .
  • Connect with people who love you: It make you feel happy and positive surrounding environment
  • Focus on your positives.
  • Avoid thinking that you are not good enough
  • Set yourself a challenge
  • Take care of yourself: It is necessary to remind yourself and others that you and your needs are important too. Ensures that you stay sharp, motivated and healthy.
  • Practice Meditation
  • Celebrate and Reward yourself
  • Repeat Final Mantra of love: Once you have extended feelings of positivist everywhere

Repeat the following mantra;”

I will achieve my dreams.

I will love myself with my whole heart.

I will learn to forgive myself and others.”

Keep loving yourself, Keep reinventing yourself and Keep reiterating that “You are Uniquely Awesome”