I thought to give some quick tips of digital marketing on various industries like fashion, Jewelries, travel, Baking. If anyone wants further help for their brand, they can reach me at [email protected]

Below are the few tips for Bakers to increase the number of leads to your baking business:

  • Use different platforms of FB to create buzz. For example : Create a “flavor of the week” and offer promotions around that flavor to increase foot traffic.
  • Get families involved:  Create a contest for kids in different moms group to submit their dream flavor or cake requests and then choose a winner to be a “baker for a day”
  • Create tutorial videos for simple icing tricks, how to frost a cake, or the perfect way to roll a truffle. Some businesses think that giving away these “trade secrets” will drive people away from their stores/websites when it actually encourages them to visit more often to see what’s new or what else they can learn!
  • Tell the story of how your bakery came to be. It doesn’t have to be a long story, but people enjoy hearing the thought behind your small business.
  • Pinterest is the most popular medium when it comes for pictures. Post your baked goodies pictures regularly in pinterest and build strong followers. It will help your business in long run

Below are the few tips for Jewelry Brands to increase their sales:

  1. Create posts that will appeal to emotions
  2. Build a Solid Online Reputation with Reviews
  3. Collaborate with influencers
  4. Focus Your Marketing Around Major Life Events

Below are the few tips for Apparel Brands to increase their sales:

  1. Show Off Your Outfit of the Day with a Fashion Blog
  2. Create style guides to show your visitors how to wear or incorporate your items into their everyday life
  3. Run a giveaway on Instagram or on FB groups to increase both brand awareness and the size of your community
  4. Create gift guides year-round for your ideal buyer’s life events to inspire them to buy.
  5. Remember (and learn) customers’ birthdays to build brand loyalty

Below are the few tips for Travel agencies  to increase their leads:

  1. Expand Email Subscribers to get maximum benefits of email marketing
  2. Free and Optional Consultations Online and Offline
  3. Use video content marketing
  4. Use Complementary Offers- A complementary offer adds value to your travel offer by enhancing your customer’s experience.Send Newsletter biweekly to your existing customers.