To our surprise, the answer is “NO”. We are getting preoccupied by the technology resulting into losing our ‘ME TIME’. In order to balance the home & workplace, we are getting over exhausted.

Few year back only household work was the only target for the females. To maintain their health, they were getting help through the traditional kitchen appliances like hand grinding mill and hence neither needed gym nor any special physical training. Churning the buttermilk, washing the clothes, salutation were the routine form of physical activities. On the contrary, our busy life devoid of appropriate physical activities making us stressed and victim of n number of Lifestyle disorders. Poly Cystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) is one of them which is hampering our honour – our Reproduction capability. Through this article, I am trying to connect back us to our traditional lifestyle. Among n number of Yogasanas, I am trying to highlight few of them.

The Wind Releasing Asana (Vayu Nishkasana) is sitting in squatting position with feet two feet apart and holding the ankles. As the name suggests, it helps in releasing the flatus which is caught in the abdomen. It gives massage to pelvic organs & muscles as well. Traditionally, we show our respect our elderly person by touching their feet.

Namskarasana in Yoga – Salutation helps in increasing flexibility in the hips. People used to make flour at home in a hand grinding mill few decades back. The gadgets like the electric flour mill replaced the time consuming older form. This activity of churning the mill (Chakki Chalanasana) not only promotes the tone of pelvic organs but also, regularizes the menstrual cycle of the females.

Separating butter from the buttermilk by a rhythmic movement with the help of a wooden churner tied with a rope gives Dynamic Twist to the spine. It is termed as Gatyatmak Meru Vakrasana which helps in relieving stiffness in the back muscles. Rowing a boat in the summer evening refreshes the mind. Rhythmic forward and backward bending in sitting position along with rotation of shoulder joint is termed as Nauka Sanchalanasana. This Yogasana proves helpful in gynaecological problem.

As the name explains, Fish pose (Matsyasana) helps improve youthfulness & vitality like swiftly swimming fish. It also regulates the thyroid function which is again controlling the reproductive organs like ovaries. Friends start practising the fish pose for betterment of the reproductive system.

Give a gentle stretch to the whole body from top to toe without losing the balance which is mentioned as Palm Tree Pose (Tadasana). It helps maintain the physical & mental balance.

It is never too late my dear friends. So, tie up your shoes, warm up, reorganize yourself and follow appropriate schedule to get a healthy & blissful life. Practicing Yogasana makes the body flexible, firm and flawless. (Practice under Guidance of a Yoga Teacher.)